Race for Rhino 2016

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Botswana Tourism Organisation in partnership with Gaing-o Community Trust and The Matsieng Flying Club are proud to host the prestigious Race of Champions in Botswana. This event is important to the organisation as a way to increase aviation tourism into the country, as well as generate new events that are interesting for our local and regional tourists’ interested in adventure and sporting events.

The main feature of the Race For Rhinos will be the race itself, with 100 light aircraft expected to participate, taking off and landing directly on the hardened salt plains next to Lekhubu Island. The afternoons will offer further experiences for participants and spectators with guided tours of the national monument, quad biking, mountain biking and exciting aviation stunts.

Lekhubu Island is a national monument for Botswana and is managed by a community based trust. There is a pre-historical wall on the southern side of the Lekhubu rocky outcrop which postdates the post Great Zimbabwe ruins and the ruins themselves are said to have been an initiation centre for males in the past. The trust will be offering guided tours of the ruins explaining the rich cultural history of the region.

As part of Botswana’s dedication to conservation this event will be now known as the Race For Rhinos, with key turning points aligning themselves with destinations that are home to some of Botswana’s rhino population, including Serowe and the Khama Rhino Sanctuary and Debswana’s Orapa Game Park. The national endangered wildlife trust, Tlhokomela, supports this event as it will bring awareness of the good work that the Botswana government is doing towards promoting the country as a safe haven for these critically endangered species. The Trust will also raise funds through an auction at the event in support of the Central Operations Unit.

For More information about the event please see http://www.airrace.co.bw/

IndigoSat South Africa is providing a few SPOT GEN3’s for the event, to watch the aircraft in realtime please see the embedded SPOT Share page below: