IndigoSat’s MiTrac Web-Tracking platform provides users with an easy to use platform to track any assets which utilize IndigoSat products.

Monitor land, air, sea and stationary assets all from the website and/or Ipad’s and SmartPhones.

MiTrac is provided as part of the fleet unit subscriptions.

MiTrac Intro New

Web-Based tracking is available on PC’s, Mac’s & Ipads on :

Smart Phone Mobile version is available on :

IndigoSat has a variety of tracking devices which operate on IndigoSat South Africa’s web-based tracking platform “MiTrac”, which can be accessed on any pc with a current web browser. The system works for PC/MAC/IPAD, and there is also a mobi version for smartphones.

The system provides the ability to track your fleet where ever and whenever needed, view fleet status in real-time, send and received text messages between the platform and tracking device (device specific),pull up historical data of past activity, setup geo-fence (locations) to automatically trigger alerts and have these events forwarded through to your mobile phone via email/sms.

Asset Overview Screen : (Aircraft Registrations Removed)

Asset Overview

The Asset Overview screen provides instant situational awareness for your fleet. On the left hand side in thte text view, you’ll see the registration (Name) of the aircraft (or otther asset type), with the time/date it last reported (This calculated and displayed in your time zone and UTC), along with a text description of its location to the nearest airport or Geo-fence created.

The right hand side you’ll see the position plotted on a selection of maps. This based off Google Maps with 3 layers (street, satellite & hybrid), along with optional sectional charts powered by SkyVector updated every 28 days, with 3 layers (VFR, World Low & World High)